More on “A Daughter of the Nobility”

This award-winning novel, which covers the fall of the Russian Empire, has been translated into ten languages and is being reprinted in Italy this year as a paperback. Here are a few excerpts from reviews that greeted its original publication:
"This fascinating novel paints a vivid picture of a class and way of life doomed to destruction."

--Christian Science Monitor

"Seamlessly combining fact and fiction, Borovsky constructs a passionate, lyric novel that spans two turbulent decades."

--Publishers Weekly

The great family story from the last Tsar's reign, grippingly told."

--Die Welt

"More than a novel, a testimony of an era."

--Le Figaro

"'A Daughter of the Nobility' is more than a story of a single individual, it's an analysis of an entire social system."

--Kansas City Star